• Asset Protection

    • Wills
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Health Care Proxies
    • Asset Protection Trusts
    • Medicaid Trusts
    • Estate Planning
    • Disability Trust Planning
  • Care Financing

    • Home Care Financing Plans
    • Medicaid Qualification
    • Long-Term Care Budgeting
    • Innovative Family Financing
  • Senior Care Services

    • Locating Affordable Community Services
    • Coordinating In-Home Care
    • Coordinating Home Maintenance
    • Solving Care Problems
    • Assisting in Placing a Loved One
    • Crisis Intervention
  • Government Benefits

    • Medicaid Benefits
    • Veterans' Benefits
    • Social Security Benefits
    • Medicare Benefits
    • Massachusetts Senior Benefits

Elder Care Planning for Today’s Retiree: A Complete Advisory Service

We help seniors maintain their lifestyle and preserve their legacies. We provide financial and planning solutions to meet the current and future needs of elders and their families. Whether you need assistance in financing medical care, maximizing government benefits, protecting an elder’s estate and assets, arranging for transition to a nursing home, or coordinating and managing home care, we can help.

We created this one-of-a-kind advisory service after helping a family member navigate her journey through Alzheimer’s disease. We needed help to:

  • Find and schedule home health care and to file tax statements for the aides
  • Create a care contract to pay family members to help without jeopardizing future Medicaid qualification
  • Locate affordable plumbers and contractors to make her space accessible
  • Plan for transition to a good local nursing home
  • Handle Medicare billing issues
  • Develop a plan to protect her assets and home before applying for Medicaid
  • Manage costs and use financial resources wisely

Although we found agencies to help low-income seniors, there were no resources providing comprehensive solutions for middle-income families. So we created a complete advisory service for families like ours. We can help you manage the needs of your loved one, protect their assets, and qualify for government benefits. Our family business is dedicated to easing your financial and emotional burdens so you can focus on what really matters: your loved one.

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